Thursday, February 14, 2008

Felt Dress up Dolls

Have you ever been with a small child that wants to play dress up with their dolls? Inevitably you'll be asked to dress whatever doll they're playing with big or small and put on one outfit after another.

These dolls are a great solution. Your child will be able to dress the doll themselves and the set comes with 62 items of clothing. What other dolls come with that many options in one set? It also comes with a little duffle bag for them to store their doll(s) and its clothes in. The dolls are made of thick firm felt so as to stand up straight when held.

You can order them un-cut or pre-cut. Contact me for a quote.

You can also order an additional girl doll to use as a friend.

Experience different styles and cultures from around the world with our International Costumes. Set includes 15 traditional costumes, sashes with country names, literature that includes games, recipes and information about each country.

Just Like Me Dolls
You can also order the dolls above but with your childs picture for the

face. The quality of the picture will determine the results of the doll.

These are a major hit with kids, they'll love to play dress up with them.

You can order them un-cut or pre-cut. Contact me for a quote.

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